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Doxey Elementary

Principal's Information

Name: Darrin Nash

Phone Number: 801-402-2250

Email: dnash@dsdmail.net

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Upcoming Events


I want the kids to enjoy reading not only today but for the rest of their lives. Ron Clark

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What's Happening at Doxey Elementary

Cookie Dough Fundraiser
Orders in by Sept 28th 


Schedule SEP Conference
through myDSD 

Conferences will be held 
Oct. 3rd & 4th 




soldier and kids

Always make sure there are seven things in your life at all times: laughter, family, adventure, good food, challenge, change, and the quest for knowledge. Ron Clark, The Essential 55: An Award-Winning Educator Rules For Discovering the Successful Student In Every Child

Doxey Elementary By The Numbers

1959 the year Doxey Elementary was built

1:1 student to technology device ratio

4 Houses Amistad (friendship) Altruismo (givers) Isibindi (courage) Reveur (dreamer)

100% commitment to our students 

4740 volunteer hours by our awesome parents in 2017-2018