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PTA Meeting Minutes

PTA Executive Committee

Doxey PTA 
Executive Committee

President: Rachel Ertel
President Elect: Tara Nichols
Treasurer: April Forbush
Secretary: Meagan Garcia

Contact information: email doxeypta@dsdmail.net

Fundraising Money at Work

Chart of PTA Budget

Summaries of Volunteer Opportunities

Summary of Volunteer Opportunities
President: Minimum Time Commitment: Undetermined (2nd year of 2 year commitment)

Attend Yearly PTA Convention
·         Manage overall objectives and strategies of PTA
·         Act as liaison between parents and principal/staff
·         Recruit and oversee PTA Committee Chairs
·         Create agenda and facilitate monthly PTA meetings
·         Speak at Back to School Night and other events
·         Attend monthly PTA Council meetings
·         Helping execute activities as needed

 President Elect: Minimum Time Commitment: : Undetermined (1st year of a 2 year commitment)

Attends yearly PTA Convention
·         Performs same duties as the President, in the absence or incapacity or request of President.
·         Works along side the President as an adviser, helper and trainee, preparing for the following year's position as president.
·         Helping execute activities as needed

 Treasurer: Minimum Time Commitment: 10 hours/month

Attend Yearly PTA Convention
·         Prepare the annual tax return
·         Inform committees of budgeted funds
·         Pay bills and reimbursements as required
·         Oversee ongoing PTA finances
·         Ensure adherence to approved PTA budget
·         Prepare and present budget report for each PTA meeting
·         Prepare and present year-end audit   

Secretary: Minimum Time Commitment: 3 hours/month

Attend yearly PTA Convention
·         Take minutes at PTA meetings, forward to President for review and then submit minutes for        inclusion on website.
·         Email copy of minutes to Board members so they can be approved by the membership
·         Maintain Web page, Facebook and Twitter accounts
·         Count a rising vote when requested by the presiding officer
·         Ensures Board members are reminded of meetings each month
·         Have on hand for reference at each meeting the following:

  • bylaws and standing rules
  • agenda and minutes
  • copies of treasurer's reports
  • approved budget
  • list of: membership and committees and their members
  • yearly calendar

 Teacher Appreciation: Minimum Time Commitment: 12 hours per school year

Plan and execute Teacher Appreciation Week in May
·         Plan teacher dinners during SEP (accept delivery at the school, set up, clean up)
·         Come up with creative ideas for gifts, put together the gifts and deliver the gifts to the teachers at the beginning of the school year and 3-4 times during the school year. These gifts should be inexpensive but thoughtful reminders of how much we appreciate their work during the year.

 Volunteer Coordinator: Minimum Time Commitment: 2-3 hours/mo

Find volunteers for events and activities (mostly via telephone)
·         Provide list of scheduled volunteers to Board member chairing a specific event
·         Provide list of volunteers to Recognition Chairperson so thank you notes can be written and delivered

 VOLUNTEER RECOGNITION: Minimum Time Commitment: 1 hour/mo

Write and deliver thank you notes for volunteers
·         Plan volunteer luncheon
·         Apply for National PTA membership awards
·         Collect and maintain volunteer information
·         Provide updated list of volunteers to Secretary

 BOOK FAIR CHAIRPERSON: Minimum Time Commitment: up to 10 hours during Book fair

Act as liaison between school and Scholastic to schedule Book fairs
·         Plan Book fair theme
·         Work with co-chair to create and execute advertising, contests, set-up and take-down
·         Run final report and enter information on Book fair Website
·         Print and deliver Invoices to Treasurer for payment to Scholastic
·         Work with Co-Chair and Board to decide how to use Book fair profit.

 BOOK FAIR CO-CHAIRPERSON: Minimum Time Commitment: at least 10 hours during Book fair

Work with Chairperson to organize and execute Bookfair, advertising, contests, set up and take down
·         Oversee daily set up
·         Work with Chairperson to organize reading and poster contests
·         Work with Chairperson and Board to decide how to use Book fair Profit

 CARNIVAL: Minimum Time Commitment: at least 15 hours during Carnival time

Plan and execute carnivals twice a year (fall and spring)
·         Manage committee of Board members and volunteers to help plan and execute carnivals

 FIELD DAY: Minimum Time Commitment: at least 10 hours the month of Field Day

Plan Field Day events
·         Plan and purchase treats
·         Purchase water for volunteers
·         Manage volunteers and, if necessary, committee of Board members to plan and execute Field Day

 RIBBON MONTHS: minimum Time Commitment: approx 15 hours during these weeks

Plan activities for Green and Red Ribbon weeks (in the fall)

 REFLECTIONS:  Minimum Time Commitment: approx 20 hours during the month (in the fall)

Communicate and publicize program information to teachers, students and parents
·         Secure judges
·         Collect student entries
·         Send winning entries to District level for further judging
·         Plan for and provide prizes to participating students

BULLETIN BOARDS: Minimum Time Commitment: 2 hours/mo

Decorate Birthday board
·         Decorate boards for activities/events

 MEMBERSHIP: Minimum Time Commitment: approx 7-8 hours at the beginning of the school year and 1-2 hours per month during the school year

Plan and execute Membership campaign
·         Create and maintain updated Membership roster throughout the year and provide updates to Secretary

 FUNDRAISING: Minimum Time Commitment: 1-2 hours/mo, approx 10 hours during fundraisers

Work with Board to choose fundraisers
·         Make and distribute flyers
·         Schedule monthly "Spirit Nights" (Dine to Donate)
·         Organize and distribute fundraiser materials
·         Count fundraiser money
·         Plan prizes for fundraiser participants

 BOXTOPS: Minimum Time Commitment: 1 hour/mo

Collect Boxtops
·         Plan contests and prizes
·         Send Boxtops in for redemption

 NEWSLETTER: Minimum Time Commitment: 2-3 hours/mo

Create and distribute monthly newsletter including (but not limited to:) PTA activities, fundraiser results, upcoming events, monthly volunteer hours, membership  and other pertinent PTA information

Santa’s Secret Shop: Minimum time commitment 10 hours during the shop

Santa's Secret Shop is an in-school shop  where students, parents and community members are able to shop for Christmas gifts for friends and family members. Volunteers help set up or clean up the shop, and/or help with sales and customer service during open hours.