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Log in to myDSD to check attendance, see your child's school lunch balance and add money to the account, pay school fees, and so much more!


To create your guardian account. Click on the myDSD link. Click to create an account now. Enter your email address, that is on file at the school.  Click send email confirmation. Go to your email and follow the steps. 

If you do not have an email address on file at the school, you can contact your child's school to update your email address. Or you can set up your guardian account using your student's ID number and Pin. 

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Part of the communication efforts of the Davis School District and our school is to let the general public know about the educational activities occurring within the walls of our schools.

As part of that effort, we also occasionally invite reporters to the school to cover educational activities and events.

The main focus of education, of course, is students, and during the vast majority of time, we and the media will want to focus on students as the subject of stories.

For that reason, we are seeking your permission ahead of time for your student(s) to be interviewed, photographed or videotaped in the event such an opportunity surfaces during the school year. This will include the use of  that material on the district or school website and social media. Please note, Davis School District policy prevents use of a child's full name in association with their photo or video in any district use.

If you DO NOT want your student to be involved in one or all of these instances, please click here to download and print a paper form, fill it out, sign, date and return it to the school. Please note, your permission will be assumed if the school does not receive this form.